Hawaii is the first Project and begun by the Development Team in 2015. The Hawaiian Islands are rife with invasive species of wood types that are mandated to be removed. U. S. Advanced Bio-Fuels has partnered with the leading company in that effort. The feedstock provider, who is under a binding LOI, will provide enough wood and backup wood to sustain a long-term 20+ year Project in Hawaii. Thus, the feedstock is plentiful and the need for Renewable Jet Fuel and Diesel #2 is being made at competitive prices on the island is great, with all fuels or crude oils for processing to jet fuel currently coming from the U.S. Mainland or Asia. The land is at a premium, as one can imagine, but the Developer has identified sites and is close to signing an LOI for 50 Acres of Industrially approved land. The mandates to go to Renewable Fuels by the Federal and State Governments will give the Developer of this Project and the jet or diesel fuels it will produce an excellent business opportunity in the Islands and more specifically; on the Island of Oahu.