The Developer’s legal counsel and O&M are both headquartered in Seattle, WA. This fact has allowed the Developer to obtain necessary introductions and have immediate access to feedstock, land and off-take providers. The Developer is producing Projects that will supply renewable jet fuel to international airlines, refineries and state vehicles in the Northwest. Wood for feedstock is plentiful and the land is available. The Off-takers are mandated to buy renewable fuels, and the fuel generated will be price competitive in its final costs analysis to today’s fuels made from petorleum.


The Project’s Developers have identified sources of feedstock and land in the East that will allow multiple projects to service refineries and off-takers in that geographic area. A Letter-of-Intent, (“LOI”), is in-hand. The refineries are required by law to reduce carbon emissions. Soon, all airlines will be under similar mandates on an international level. The Developers have partnered with a local firm in the East that has access to feedstock and land in multiple locations within several states.  Fuel Buyers are being put in place for the Company’s premium Renewable Biojet Fuel.