U.S. ADVANCED BIO-FUELS INC.: A State of Delaware C-Corporation and Project Development holding company, providing management, Project funding, and oversight of the development of commercial scale, cellulosic renewable bio-fuel Projects.  Currently, the company is developing Projects in the following states:  Hawaii; Pennsylvania; and Washington State. Other potential locations are currently under serious consideration for development based on the ability to obtain long-term feedstock and off-take contracts.  The growth of the industry is dependent on the issues identified in the following paragraph.  These issues, which represented the huge risks Lenders and Funding partners had to take, which kept investments on new developments to a minimum.

Making it all make sense.


The future of our planet depends on everyone doing their share. If there are Cars, Trucks, Planes, and Automobiles using Diesel or Jet Fuels made from Petroleum, there will be severe carbon and air pollution. We are doing our part to improve the air until the world finds another alternative to these fuels. Whether that’s electric batteries or some other solution, it will take years to implement. We need to handle the current problems with the solutions we have, NOW, so that the air we breathe in the Future create a safe and secure environment.