Technology is being provided by ThyssenKrupp is,(“TK”), the World-class EPC, thus making the Performance Guarantees they define in their contracts and the ongoing technology Wrap possible. TK owns or controls all the technology. The EPC has more than one acceptable and capable technologies and the actual technology that will be installed will be determined in the Advanced Planning Phase 1.



Cellulosic Bio-Fuels technology is one of the most commonly discussed, second-generation biofuel terms being used in the United States. Cellulosic biofuels are derived from the cellulosic compounds found in trees; some of which are being taken out of forests to prevent fires, harmful environmental gases, invasions of harmful invasive species and plant diseases which kill off forests.  Cellulosic feedstocks burn hotter and cleaner than any other substance and create the best Renewable Fuels.








U.S. Advanced Bio-Fuels, Inc. is committed to producing the cleanest burning, most efficient, high valued renewable bio-fuels for the automotive, aviation and maritime industries. Utilizing multiple feedstock types, (wood and rice hulls), to create our bio-fuels, the process cleans the environment by reducing landfill tonnage, removes harmful waste and methane gas-producing materials from the earth’s surface, while creating hundreds of valuable jobs in the process.

USABIO-FUELS has selected a world-class global manufacturer to provide the technology, of which there are 100 systems that have been installed worldwide. The waste to fuel technology is proven, verifiable and comes with a performance and output guarantee of up to 32 million gallons per year

We provide Investors and Partners with as much risk mitigation as is possible, to include the following for each Project: Long-term Feed Stock Supply Agreements, Long-term Off-take Agreements, (or multiples of such agreements), Project Site acquisitions and control, and an Engineering, Procurement, and Construction partner, (“EPC”), that provides the Renewable Fuel and Energy sector’s best available performance guarantees with unprecedented wraps of engineering, procurement, construction, technology and performance of the plant.